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Youth Board

Mission Statement

The Amherst Youth Board is an organization offering varied services in support of children, youth and families living in the Town of Amherst. Chartered by the Amherst Town Board and New York State Executive Law, the agency is governed by a policy-making board of 23 citizen volunteers, comprising both adults and youth.

Members are appointed by the Amherst Town Board for three-year terms and participate in decisions affecting programming, policies, funding and public relations for youth programs and services.

The Youth Board also relies on the efforts and contributions of citizen volunteers in its programs. Many different volunteer opportunities are available, and may be tailored to individual needs.

Supplemental Information

Disclosure Information


Jacqualine G. Berger, Councilmember


Danielle Alba (M)  term expires  12/31/2022

Sharmistha Bagchi-Sen (M)  term expires  12/31/2022

Arthur D. Benton (M)  term expires  12/31/2020

Rose Mary Buscaglia (M)  term expires  12/31/2021

Dean J. Carroll (M)  term expires  12/31/2020

Preyashi Chaudhuri (M)  term expires  12/31/2020

Patricia S. Dunne (M)  term expires  12/31/2021

Mark A. Forden (M)  term expires  12/31/2020

Mia Hutchins (M)  term expires  12/31/2020

Iris Izydorczak (M)  term expires  12/31/2020

Susan McClary (M)  term expires  12/31/2021

Ann Nichols (M)  term expires  12/31/2020

Nora Robshaw (M)  term expires  12/31/2021

Angela Seo (M)  term expires  12/31/2021

Siddharth  Suresh (M)  term expires  12/31/2020

Ariella Yonaty (M)  term expires  12/31/2021


(C) Chairperson
(CC) Co-Chairperson
(M) Member
(O) Resource Person
(S) Secretary
(V) Vice Chairperson

Meeting Location

Harlem Road Community Center
4255 Harlem Road, Amherst, NY 14226

To verify, please call (716) 631-7013.

Meeting Dates

Wed., January  8, 2020,  07:00 PM

Wed., February  12, 2020,  07:00 PM

Wed., March  11, 2020,  07:00 PM

Wed., April  8, 2020,  07:00 PM

Wed., May  13, 2020,  07:00 PM

Tue., June  9, 2020,  07:00 PM

Wed., July  8, 2020,  07:00 PM

Wed., September  9, 2020,  07:00 PM

Wed., October  14, 2020,  07:00 PM

Wed., December  9, 2020,  07:00 PM

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