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Town Board Meeting Videos

The video of the Town Board meeting from Wednesday March 25, 2020 has been uploaded to the Town website and is now available for viewing. Please click the link below to view this and other Town Board agendas, minutes, and meeting videos.

Erie County, NY Department of Health: Coronavirus Information


All Town of Amherst Board and Committee meetings (with the exception of the Town Board) will be cancelled for 30 days through April 14, 2020 or until further notice. In addition, Amherst Town Hall at 5583 Main Street is closed to the public and public access will be by appointment only.

  • Town Clerk: 716-631-7021 - 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM (until further notice)
  • Assessor: 716-631-7038
  • Building Department: 716-631-7080
  • Planning Department: 716-631-7051
  • Purchasing/Contracts: 716-631-7007
  • Bids: 716-631-7007
  • Human Resources: 716-631-7025

For all other appointment requests, please call 716-631-7013 or 716-631-7032.

Town of Amherst Courts and Village of Williamsville Courts

All non-essential Town and Village of Williamsville court functions have been POSTPONED and all Town and Village Court buildings are CLOSED. Please see this Press Release for details

Bid Openings

Town of Amherst bid openings will be live streamed and recorded. The public will not be allowed to attend bid openings in person. Please see the links below for either the live stream or recordings. All bids are due according to their published times. The bid openings for Tue., March 23, 2020 will begin at 12:30 PM.

Amherst IDA

Amherst Schools & Education

** Cancellations, Postponements, and Contact Information **

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Environmental Control /  Industrial Pretreatment

Publicly owned treatment works (POTWs) collect wastewater from homes, commercial buildings and industrial facilities and transport the waste via a series of pipes, the collection system, to a wastewater treatment plant. At the treatment plant harmful organisms and other contaminants are removed from the wastewater prior to release into the receiving body of water.

As a general rule, POTWs are designed to treat domestic wastes only (typical household wastes and biodegradable commercial and industrial wastes). These pollutants are coined "conventional" pollutants. Commercial and industrial facilities may discharge toxic pollutants as well.

The discharge of toxic pollutants may harm the POTW, impair the surrounding environment, endanger POTW workers and also prevent the reuse of the treatment plant's byproducts. Thus, wastewater with such pollutants typically has to be treated prior to release to the POTW. Treating wastewater prior to discharge to a POTW is the definition of pretreatment.

The National Pretreatment Program, published in Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 403 provides the regulatory basis to require non-domestic dischargers to comply with standards to ensure that the goals of the Clean Water Act are attained.

The Town of Amherst's Industrial Pretreatment group works to uphold the standards as set in 40 CFR 403 as well as the local standards as regulated by the Town of Amherst's Local Sewer Use Law (Chapter 160 of the Code of the Town of Amherst).

About Amherst

The Town of Amherst was established in 1818 and celebrated its 200th Anniversary in 2018. The town has a geographical area of 53.6 square miles and a population of greater than 122,000.

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The Town of Amherst ADA Coordinators are Robert McCarthy (Director of Human Resources) and Mark Berke (Commissioner of Buildings).

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