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Tree Inventory & Community Tree Management Plan

Recently, the Town of Amherst applied and received a forestry grant from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (“DEC”). The Town does not have a complete inventory placing the Town of Amherst in a position of reduced capacity to fully develop, capitalize upon, and utilize its street tree and park tree population as an influential tool in the creation and provision of aesthetic and environmental benefits. A comprehensive tree inventory is a powerful and indispensable urban forest management tool that guides the development of a sustainable, diverse, and healthy street tree population. The data collected will be used to analyze the species, size, and health compositions of the Town’s existing street tree population.

The benefits of a public tree inventory are significant. This information will be used to direct street tree planting and street tree maintenance operations; guide response efforts to destructive diseases and insect pests; assist in emergency management and response; and provide information on the composition, distribution, benefits, and value of the inventoried population. The comprehensive tree inventory will be foundational component for completion of the Community Tree Management Plan.

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This grant opportunity will allow the Town of Amherst to complete:


    The Town will complete a comprehensive street tree inventory that includes trees and planting spaces on town right of ways and property in zip code 14226. County and State roads will not be part of this project.

    Please be aware that Town & NYS DEC officials, staff, arborists and contractors will be walking and collecting data from local roads in Eggertsville and Snyder.


    The Community Tree Management Plan, will be based on tree inventory data to address environmental issues. This plan will provide a record and understanding of what currently exists while managing the future goals of the community.

    • The development of budgets and work plans, including timelines and tasks, to meet that vision.
    • The use of the tree inventory which identifies management needs i.e.) pruning rotations, removal implementation, and prioritization of work load.
    • Storm preparedness and response planning.
    • Invasive species preparedness and response.
    • Planting plan to address the unique characteristics of the project location, such as: species diversity, understory plantings, erosion control, and brownfields that could be impacted with planting and would address local needs.
    • Urban forest environmental benefit analysis of environmental issues such as: water quality, air quality, reduce urban heat island effect, energy efficiencies, storm water management, and health.
    • Davey Resource Group, LLC has been awarded the contract and will commence April 20, 2020.  Please stay at least 6’ away from the personnel working with the Town road Right-of-Ways.
    • Arbor Day Event:
      A member of the Division of Forestry celebrated Arbor Day this year by planting seedlings in Town parks. The seedlings were purchased from the annual Erie County Soil and Water’s annual Conservation Tree and Shrub Seedling Program sale. The originally planned Arbor Day event with school children was cancelled due to the CDC health guidelines.  The tree planting is part of the larger vision to revegetate the Town of Amherst.

      The Town of Amherst has been named a Tree City USA for 2019 by The National Arbor Day Foundation to honor the Towns commitment to planting and maintaining street and park trees.  It is the 24th year that Amherst has received this national recognition. The Town planted 351 trees in 2019 and Town Forestry staff continued to remove dead ash trees. Amherst earned the 2019 Tree City USA designation due to a continued commitment to Amherst’s urban forest by Town of Amherst Supervisor Brian J. Kulpa, the Town Board and with the hard work of the Town’s Division of Forestry, led by General Crew Chief Kurt Stanley under the direction of Highway Superintendent, Patrick G. Lucey, Jr.  The Tree City USA program is sponsored by the National Arbor Day Foundation in cooperation with the National Association of State Foresters and the USDA Forest Service.

Information will be placed on this web page throughout the process. Any questions please contact

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