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The Town of Amherst is actively working to mitigate odor issues in the area surrounding the Wastewater Treatment Plant on Tonawanda Creek Road. This web page provides residents with information related to this issue. Residents are asked to use this online form to report odor issues or send questions about the Plant's operations. A dynamic Track Us portal is also integrated, allowing Town administrators to publish relevant and timely content related to this issue.

Please be advised that the Town of Amherst provides the phone numbers below for residents to report odor issues at the Wastewater Treatment Facility located at 455 Tonawanda Creek Road. We also encourage you to report issues via our online form below.

24 Hour (nights, weekends and holidays) (716) 691-9771 ext. 8015

*Please dial (716) 550-9518, if you cannot reach someone at the number above.

Link to online complaint/question form

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Upcoming Wastewater Treatment Plant Project

We are currently cleaning lines at the Wastewater Treatment Plant for an upcoming project. Odor issues may result over the course of the next week or so.

Posted on Aug 15, 2022 by the Engineering Department.

Water Treatment Plant ongoing project 2022

The Water Treatment Plant has been undergoing numerous updates throughout the facility. The current project may create some additional noise during the early morning and possible odors. The early morning start time is coordinated to take advantage of "Low Flow" conditions that will allow us to complete the project safely and have very little effect on the town residence. Beginning on Tuesday August 16th at approximately 2:30 AM, you may hear pumps running and continue to run throughout the day. The pumps are necessary to complete the project as well as dry weather conditions. If we don't have the correct conditions we will be forced to set another date unknown at this time. Your patience is appreciated as we try to move forward with very little disruption to our local neighbors. Thank you

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Posted on Aug 05, 2022 by the Engineering Department.

Clarifier Out of Service

A second stage clarifier (near western property line of plant) is out of service due to a mechanical issue and is in the process of being cleaned for repair. Odors may be generated along the plant's western boundary due to this work.

Posted on Jul 21, 2022 by the Engineering Department.

Short term partial wastewater plant shut down

Portions of the wastewater treatment plant are being shut down for a day with potential odor causing impacts through the end of the week (6/15-6/17). Most likely location of odor impact is neighborhoods to the east of the plant.

Posted on Jun 15, 2022 by the Engineering Department.

Potential Noise or Odors

The plant is conducting cleaning/maintenance on one of their buildings this morning and it is going to produce some noise & odors in the surrounding neighborhood. If there are any concerns they can contact the plant via the main number or the odor complaint line. (716) 691-9771 ext. 8015 or (716) 550-9518, if you cannot reach someone at the first number.

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Posted on May 10, 2022 by the Engineering Department.

Sludge Processing

The Wastewater Treatment Plant began processing sludge Monday, April 18, 2022. Odors generated will be intermittent as sludge boxes are trucked off site.

Posted on Apr 18, 2022 by the Engineering Department.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Update

Issues with the oxygen feed to the first stage reactor have caused a slightly detectable musty/moldy smell. The oxygen feed has been corrected and should mitigate the issue.

Posted on Apr 14, 2022 by the Engineering Department.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Update

Overnight (4/12-4/13) there was an equipment failure with the main scrubber at the treatment plant. The plant maintenance department is working on getting scrubber back online with an estimate of early afternoon 4/13. Thank you.

Posted on Apr 13, 2022 by the Engineering Department.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

The treatment plant backed sludge up internally last week ( 4/4/22 - 4/11/22 ) due to lack of outlets for disposal. As that issue has subsided, the plant will be working to dispose of all sludge by the end of the work week. Please note that a significant volume of sludge will be trucked from the plant site this week and odors will be generated as sludge boxes leave the plant site. The plant and engineering department management are working to remediate this issue as expeditiously as possible.

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Posted on Apr 12, 2022 by the Engineering Department.

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