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Informal Assessment Reviews

The Assessor’s Office is accepting Informal Assessment Review applications between March 6th and April 7th.

The Town has begun the 2023 roll Informal Assessment Review program. Some Key dates are:

  • We will begin accepting information on March 6th, 2023
  • Please drop off or mail in by April 7th, 2023

In order for the Assessor to properly consider your Informal Assessment Review on your property, you will need to provide data to support your case. You must provide data as to why the Market Value on your property is not correct. While not mandatory to use, the Town has provided forms in the "Applications & Worksheets" section below for you to use to assist you with the process

Assessment Challenge and Review Instructions

The assessment roll is available on the Internet in order to:

  • verify property information
  • review inventory data on an individual property
  • review current sales information
  • analyze sales information about similar properties

When comparing property sales, it is important to remember that location, style, age and square footage are important. For example, if you purchased your home for $200,000 on a particular street or neighborhood, do not look for comparable homes that sell for $150,000 in other neighborhoods.

Also, do not compare a five-year old home with a fifty-year old home.

Nominal differences in square footage don 't always mean a difference in overall property assessment.

Interior and exterior condition of your property can be important factors when determining market value.

Make additional copies of all information that you provide with the application. The information contained with the application becomes property of the Board of Assessment Review and will not be returned.

Applications & Worksheets:

Use our Comprehensive Property Information (CPI) portal to help find comparable sales

All of these should be used to assist you in showing the town why the value the Town has on the property does not represent its Market Value.

Always keep in mind, the Assessors does not set taxes or determine the Town/Schools/Village or County Tax Levy - our objective is to place the correct Market value/Assessed value so you only pay your fair share of the Tax Levy. Your discussion should be solely focused on your Market Value, not taxes paid.

Decisions will be sent by early May. If you still disagree, you can file a grievance with the Board of Assessment review, which will take place May 23rd, 2023. Call the Assessor's office after May 1st for more information.

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