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Keyword Description
2017 zoning update 2017 Zoning Update
acac Amherst Conservation Advisory Council
accessible Accessible Parking Permits
action plan Boulevard Central District (Opportunity Zone) Action Plan
advantage afterschool Advantage After School Program
after school After School Programs
after school forms After School Programs Forms
after school program After School Programs
afterschool program After School Programs
agenda Town Board Meeting Agenda
agriculture Farmland Protection and Agricultural Development Plan
amearth AmEarth
amherst central park Amherst Central Park
amherst state park Amherst State Park
amherst youth and community coalition Amherst Youth and Community Coalition
amherst youth consortium Amherst Youth Consortium
amherst youth foundation Amherst Youth Foundation
amusement Amusement Licenses
article 2b Article 2B
arts Arts & Culture
assessment Assessment Challenge Information
assessor Assessor's Office
audit Audited Financial Statements
audubon Audubon Development Plan Update
bassett Park Bassett Park
bids Bids & RFPs
bike path Canandaigua-Niagara Falls Trailway
birth Birth Certificates Information
block party Block Party Permit
boulevard central district Boulevard Central District
budget Financial and Budget Information
building Building Department
building forms Building Department Application Forms and Publications
building reports Building Department Permit Reports
buildings Buildings & Facilities
calendar Meeting Calendar
calendar Meeting Calendar
camp program Camp Programs
cancel Cancellations & Closings
cancellations Cancellations & Closings
cd map Community Development Block Grant Map
census Census Statistics
chapter 19 Chapter 19 of the Town Code: Code of Ethics
chickens Chicken Permit Application and Requirements
childcare Afterschool Childcare Programs
childcare directory Preschool and Childcare Directory
childrens programs Children's Program
cip Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
cit Counselor in Training
closings Cancellations & Closings
closings Cancellations & Closings
colleges Local Schools & Education
committee Town Committees
committees Town Committees
community Community Development Office
composting Home Composting Information
comprehensive Bicentennial Comprehensive Plan
concerts Concerts & Theater
consolidated Consolidated Plan
cors Town of Amherst Cooperative Continually Operating Reference Station
council Town Board / Councilmember Information
court Amherst Town Court
cpi Comprehensive Property Information system
death Death Certificates Information
directory Employee Directory
disabled permit Disabled Parking Permit
diversity Amherst Community Diversity Commission
dog Dog license application
economic Town of Amherst Economic Study
eggertsville Eggertsville Task Force
eggertsville west Eggertsville West
elected Elected Officials
election Town of Amherst Election Districts and Polling Places
electrical Electrical Permits
email Contact Information
emergency Emergency Services and Information
emergency registry form Emergency Response Data Form - Assistance Needs Registration
employment Online Employment Forms
energy Energy Conservation Advisory Committee
engineering Engineering Department
ethics Board of Ethics
exemptions Tax Exemptions
family room Family Room Program
farmland Farmland Protection and Agricultural Development Plan
financial Budgets and Financial Statements
fire Central Fire Alarm
fishing Fishing Licenses
fit for fire Firefighter’s Fitness and Training Skills Challenge
flooding Flooding Information
foil Freedom of Information Law
foundation Information on Soils and Foundations
fraud Fraud and Waste Alert
geis Opportunity Zone / Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS)
gis Amherst Mapping & GIS
golf Amherst Golf Information
grease Grease Management for Food Service Facilities
harlem happenings Harlem Happenings: Special Needs Programs (Ages 13-18)
hazard Erie County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan Update
help New Website User Guide
highway Highway Department
historic Amherst Historic preservation Commission
holiday Amherst Holiday Schedule
hours Departmental and Building Hours
human resources Human Resources Office
hunting Hunting Licenses
hvac Mechanical Permit Applications
icib Industrial and Commercial Incentive Board Public Information Meeting
IDA Amherst industrial Development Agency
information Who-to-call or Information
ips Online Property Information Portal
it Office of Information Technology
library Local Libraries
lisc “Zombie” & Vacant Properties Remediation and Prevention Initiative
local Local & Regional Information
local laws Online Town Code & Zoning Ordinance
locations Municipal Building Locations
lwrp Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP)
maintenance Property Maintenance
marriage Marriage Licenses Information
master Recreation & Parks Master Plan
meetings Meeting Calendar
minority and women Minority and Women Owned Business
minutes Town Board Meeting Minutes
mixed use zoning Mixed Use Zoning
muir woods Information about the Muir Woods Project
needs Emergency Response Data Form - Assistance Needs Registration
neighborhood meetings 2018 Neighborhood Meetings
news News & Announcements
officials Elected Officials
open ice Check Available Open Ice
opportunity zone Opportunity Zone / General Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS)
organizations Community Organizations
outdoor fires Outdoor Fire Regulations
parking permit Accessible Parking Permits
parks Parks and Recreation Areas
parks master plan Recreation and Parks Master Plan 2018
personnel Human Resources Office
planning Planning Department
planning board Planning Board
planning board hearings Planning Board Hearing items
planning fees Planning Department Fee Schedule
playgrounds Parks and Recreation Areas
police Amherst Police Department
pool permits Pool Permits
projects Projects and Initiatives
public directory Public Directory
purchasing Purchasing Department
ready Emergency Service & Safety
rebate STAR Rebate Check Program
recreation Recreation Department
recycling Refuse & Recycling
recycling Refuse Control - Recycling Policy
refuse Refuse Control
regional Local & Regional Information
relay Amherst Dusk to Dawn Relay Challenge
resource Resource Book
rfps Bids & RFPs
rodent Rodent Control
rodents Rodent Control Information
roofing permits Roofing / Siding Permits
rules of order Town Board Rules of Order
salaries Gross Wages and Benefits
sales Property Sales
schools Local Schools & Education
senior Amherst Center for Senior Services
sewer Sewer Maintenance Division
shed permit Shed Permit Applications
sidewalk Sidewalk Information
sidewalk request Sidewalk Installation Requests
siding permits Roofing / Siding Permits
skating Amherst Ice Center
snow Snow & Ice
snowplow Snowplowing Permits
snyder Snyder Action Plan
soils study Town of Amherst Soils and Residential Foundation Study
south campus South Campus
star School Tax Relief Exemption (STAR) Information
streetlighting Report a streetlight outage or issue
summer camp Summer Day Camp
summer explorers Summer Explorers Camp
summer jobs Seasonal Employment
supervisor Office of the Supervisor
symphony Amherst Symphony Orchestra
tax bills Online Tax Bills
tax payments Online Tax Payments
taxes Property Tax Information
tee times Audubon Golf Course Tee Times and Reservations
teen idol Amherst Teen Idol
time of sale Time of Sale Law
tiny doors Arts and Culture - Tiny Doors in Amherst
tnb Proposed Traditional Neighborhood Business Zoning Overlay
totes Information Regarding Totes Program
town board Town Board Information
town clerk Town Clerk & Tax Receiver
towncode Online Town Code
trail Canandaigua-Niagara Falls Trailway
trails Parks & Trails
universities Local Schools & Education
urban renewal Boulevard Central District Urban Renewal Area
veterans NYS Division of Veterans Affairs
veterans memorial Amherst Veterans Memorial
vitals Vital Statistic Information (Birth, Death and Marriage)
volunteer Volunteer Opportunities at the Amherst Youth Board
water alert Water Level Alerts
who to call Who-to-call or Information
williamsville Village of Williamsville Website
willow ridge Willow Ridge/Parkview Action Plan
winter camp Winter Recess Camp Program
women Minority / Women Owned Business Resources
workplace safety plan NYS Workplace Safety Plan and Business Affirmation
yard waste Yard Waste Regulations
yes Youth Engaged in Service
youth Amherst Youth Board
youth board Amherst Youth Board
youth engaged in service Youth Engaged in Service
youthwork$ YouthWork$ Program
youtube Town of Amherst YouTube Channel
zba Zoning Board of Appeals
zba hearings ZBA Hearing Items
zombie property “Zombie” & Vacant Properties Remediation and Prevention Initiative
zoning ordinance Adopted Zoning Ordinance